beIN SPORTS CONNECT is offered at no additional cost for customers of participating TV providers.
beIN SPORTS CONNECT is America's new TV Everywhere platform, offering the world's greatest soccer and international sports, with exclusive content for La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers, Motorsports, Rugby, and much, much more.
  • Through this platform viewers will have access to live streaming of beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS en Español channels. As well as additional sporting events that are exclusive to beIN SPORTS CONNECT channels; beIN SPORTS 2, beIN SPORTS 3, beIN SPORTS 4, beIN SPORTS 5, beIN SPORTS 6, beIN SPORTS 7, beIN SPORTS 8, beIN SPORTS 9 & beIN SPORTS 10.
Currently, AirPlay is only supported on the latest version of the beIN SPORTS CONNECT iOS app.
Yes! Chromecast is supported on Web, iOS, and Android.
Yes. You can use beIN SPORTS CONNECT on up to five devices at a time.
The video is constantly buffering 
  • Make sure that the speed of your internet connection is at least 1.0 mpbs to assure smooth playback. You can check connection speed at Speedtest. If your connection is slower than 1 mbps, you may want to contact your internet service provider about a faster connection. If your connection is fast enough, and you're still having problems, please try the following:
    • If you're on WiFi connection, try moving closer to the Wifi router for a stronger signal, or if possible use a wired connection.
    • If you're running other bandwidth intensive programs, such as Outlook, Spotify, BitTorrent, Vuze, Skype, downloads, etc. try pausing or closing them.
    • If you're sharing an internet connection, check if other people are using bandwidth intensive programs.
    • If your video stalls in full-screen mode, try lowering your desktop resolution.
    • Try turning off any CPU-intensive programs you're using, or rebooting your computer.
    • Make sure your Flash drivers are up to date. Click here to download and install the latest version.
    • Perform a traceroute. If you receive an output with 13 or more hops, the problem is most likely related to how your Internet Service Provider is routing your computer's requests to the website. Unfortunately, we are unable to fix this problem - you can try contacting your Internet Service Provider to request help.
My internet is fast but all I see is a black screen
  • Clear your browser's cache and try again. If that fails, use a different web browser such as Safari or Microsoft Edge.
  • If you are on mobile, re-install the app and try again.
Each channel carries different matches. At any given moment there may be different programming or sporting events playing on the two channels. Also, the commentary on the beIN SPORTS channel is in English, while the commentary on beIN SPORTS en Español is in Spanish.
We currently carry the following properties:
  • Soccer
    • LaLiga
    • Turkish Super League
    • Ligue 1
    • CAF
  • Conference USA
    • Football
    • Basketball
  • Motorsports
    • MotoAmerica
    • MotoGP
  • Other Sports
    • WTA Tennis
    • Roy Jones Jr. Boxing
    • Major League Wrestling
    • Tuff N Uff
We're actively adding more sports and leagues to our catalog and are constantly updating our offering on a periodic basis. For daily listings, please visit our TV Guide.
If your TV subscription plan includes beIN SPORTS and/or beIN SPORTS en Español, you will have access to the channels you are subscribed to on the beIN SPORTS CONNECT website plus exclusive CONNECT channels beIN SPORTS  2 - beIN SPORTS 10 with participating TV providers.    
Our goal is to make beIN SPORTS accessible to everyone in North America. If your TV provider is not listed, please contact them and let them know that you want beIN SPORTS CONNECT.  
beIN SPORTS CONNECT can currently only be accessed using a cable provider subscription. If you have one, you can login here. If you don't have beIN SPORTS on your cable package, please contact your television provider. Visit this page for more information.